Handicare 2000

Handicare 2000 has a solution for all situations and staircases

The Handicare 2000

Handicare has a solution for all situations and staircases.

All of our stairlifts are quiet, safe and easy-to use. No matter what your staircase looks like, our compact and customised stairlifts can be installed anywhere. Even on the narrowest of staircases, there is enough walking space available after the stairlift is installed.

High quality in all aspects makes a Handicare stairlift a true asset for your independence. It enables you to keep living in your own home, free from the risks associated with the stairs. A stairlift provides freedom of movement and peace of mind. Many of our satisfied customers experience that every day.


All of our new products are delivered with a comprehensive warranty. A Handicare stairlift is synonymous with high quality: quality in terms of safety, innovation, comfort and design. This is our guarantee that all of our products meet the highest possible standards in terms of safety and quality. Handicare is proud to have the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate and in addition to this, all our products are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection institutions such as TNO and Liftinstituut.

Handicare 2000 style seat 1 stairlifts

Handicare has a solution for all situations and staircases.

Handicare 2000 Swivel stairlifts


All of our stairlifts are fitted with a comfortable seat, armrests and a safety belt.

Handicare 2000 Remote stairlifts

Remote Control

Two remote controls are included for both upstairs and downstairs so you can send for your stairlift at the touch of a button.

Handicare 2000 Easy to use stairlifts

Easy to use

Ergonomic and intuitive to use, the joystick smoothly operates the stairlift.

Handicare 2000 Custom stairlifts


Each stairlift rail is designed and manufactured specifically to fit your staircase, ensuring a tight fit to maximise space for other stair users.

Handicare 2000 Foldable stairlifts


Fold up the stairlift when not in use to save space in corridors or hallways.

Handicare 2000 Rail Stairlifts

Rail start & end

The rail start and ending can be adjusted to your personal preference and situation. A flush finish, for example, is ideal if there isn’t a lot of space at the top of the stairs.

Handicare 2000 Safety stairlifts


The powered footrest eliminates the need to bend, safely folding or unfolding the footrest for you. 

Handicare 2000 Swivel stairlifts

Seat swivel

Upon arriving at the top of the stairs, you can swivel the seat towards the top landing for a much easier and safer exit.