Vertical demonstration

We are delighted to be able to now offer vertical lifts.

For that something even more special in your home, why not consider vertical lifts as an alternative to the Stairlift?

Manufactured by Stiltz, with prices from £9,990, they have provide a unique and simple way of getting from a to b with minimum intrusion into your home space.


There are 3 models to chose from, all based around the same brilliant design but which focus on your specific needs…

Duo Lift

The Duo lift is the smallest passenger lift and can carry up to 2 people at a maximum weight of 170Kgs (27 Stone)

Vista Lift

The Vista lift has a few more luxuries the biggest one being the completely transparent lift car made from structural polycarbonate.

Trio Lift

The Trio lift has a larger footprint, designed to take a wheelchair and has a weight limit of 220Kgs (35 Stone)

Vertical Lift From AboveVertical Lift Dimensions

With an extremely small footprint of just 0.62m², building works to install this vertical lift are kept to a minimum

Raising the Standard

All Stiltz Vertical Lifts come with the standard finish. This finish is a cream exterior with a matching interior lining and door colour.

Safety Features

All of our safety features comes as standard. Including the full height light curtain; top and bottom safety pans; overweight, over speed and out of balance sensors; hold to run controls and our unique fall arrest mechanism.

Half Height Door

Every Stiltz Vertical lift is supplied with a half-height swing door. This door is interlocked and is made to match the finish of the particular lift.

Remote Controls

Supplied with every lift are two remote control units. These remotes allow a call / send feature. This means you can operate the lift without travelling in it yourself. Allowing the lift to be used as a dumbwaiter to move heavy or awkward items between floors.

Two-Year Warranty – All Stiltz lifts carry a standard two-year parts and one year labour warranty. Subject to annual service.

Fold Down Seat – Usually attaching to the right hand side of the lift, the fold down seat is a popular option selected by customers for the short trip between floors. Folding down the seat allows delicate goods to be placed for travel between floors.

Internal LED Down Lights – These lights not only add an aesthetic value, they also make the user feel safe. The internal lights are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift. The lights remain on for the entire journey and then automatically turn off once the person has left the lift.

Interior Grab Rail – In addition to the hold to run control, a grab rail is available to offer increased security for the occupants of the lift. This is used predominantly to assist moving when entering or leaving the lift.

Vertical Lift Lit Up

Vertical Lift Moving

Vertical Lift Up

Thru Car / Double Entry

Due to the Stiltz Lift’s unique dual rail technology, we were able to develop a model that allows you to enter / exit the lift from both sides.

This extra entry adds to the applications where the Stiltz Lift can be fitted. The images above show how one has been fitted to allow access to the intermediate landing.

Perch Seat

A permanent perch seat is another option for resting during travel. The perch seat is offered in a brushed aluminium finish that wraps around the inside of the car for 150 degrees.


Having a cordless telephone within the lift gives further peace of mind in the event of an emergency. We offer a standard product that is reliable and suits the interior of the lift. This unit can be used in addition to any existing handsets in the home.

Vertical Lift Behind Closed Door

Vertical Lift Behind Open Door

Interior Car Finishes

The Wall Lining

As a standard we offer a cream colour lining that is comfortable for users and reduces the already low level of sound produced by the lift during travel.

We offer a range of non-standard colours at a small additional charge. This lining can be customised to the interior décor of your home if required.

The Floor Finish

To provide a non-slip, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing finish, the standard flooring of the lift is a woven navy colour carpet. This is easy to clean and very durable.

We offer a range of non-standard floor finishes at a small additional charge.

As with the wall lining, the floor finish can be customised to your requirements. A common request is to carpet the areas surrounding the lift to create a continuous finish.

Alternatively, custom floor finishes such as slate, parquetry or marble are available at additional cost.

Exterior Car & Rail Colours

The Duo comes with a standard powder coated finish in an off-white/cream colour. This colour is RAL 9001 and is a common neutral colour that coveys both warmth and comfort.

For a small additional charge we offer a range of colours to suit your taste. These colours are available for:

  • The exterior car body
  • The supporting rails
  • The interior ceiling
  • The lid of lift left behind on the upstairs floor.

This colour range is offered by Stiltz and extends the lead-time of the lift by one week.

Exterior Colours – Car, rails, ceiling, door, control panels, underside safety pan:

Vertical Exterior Colour Scale

Interior Colours – Car lining:

Vertical Interior Colour Scale


For colours and finishes outside this range please contact us to discuss your vision and we will do our very best to accommodate all your needs.

For further information on our range of passenger and wheelchair lifts please ring our office.

Call us now to arrange a free quote  on 0800 91 777 94.