For homes with a straight flight of stairs, the MediTek Stairlift straight is rated up to 353lbs (160kg) is pleasantly styled, easy to use, and exceptionally durable.

Available in a range of styles and colours it will make an attractive addition to any home.

Meditek Straight Stairlift

Key features:

  • Pressure sensitive edges automatically stop the lift if they sense an obstruction
  • The joystick makes for effortless finger light control
  • Wireless wall mounted or hand held remotes can be used to call and park the lift
  • A constant charge strip ensures your lift will never be without power and you can park it anywhere on the rail to keep downstairs unobstructed.
  • Manual and automatic hinged tracks fold away allowing full access to a doorway or open corridor
  • The advanced diagnostics indicates lift status and provides service information to ensure smooth, trouble free operation and minimise delays.
  • All lifts come with a seat belt as standard to provide additional security with an optional range of speciality harnesses and child seats available.
  • Optional key switches can be fitted to prevent unauthorised use of the lift by visitors and children

The Stand and Perch (Rated to 220lbs (100kg)) option is ideal for anyone who may have difficulty sitting or bending their knees.

Meditek Straight Stairlift Diagnostics

Built in Diagnostics

Meditek Straight Stairlift Stand and Perch

Stand and Perch Option

Meditek Straight Stairlift Hinged Rail Option

Hinged Rail Option

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By supplying photos of the stairs from the bottom and top, and if it is curved, the bend on the stairs we can access which stairlifts will be best suited to your needs.

We need information such as the weight and height of the person who will be the primary user of the stairlift to ensure it meets your requirements.

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