MinivatorMinivator 2000 at bottomThe 2000 Minivator curved lift is designed to be comfortable, easy to use and look discreet in your home.

No other curved track available can be fitted closer to the wall and leave so much free space on your stairs. This system has enabled Minivator to offer the tightest inside turns available in the industry. The 2000 will fit the most complex and ornate stairways ensuring you can remain mobile in the home you love.

Straight and curved rails

Whether your staircase has a half landing, or goes around corners, we can supply a system to meet your needs. The Minivator 2000 can even accommodate spiral staircases.

Every Minivator 2000 track is made to fit your staircase, and is optimised to give you the best travel possible whilst tightly following your wall or banister.

Choice of swivel seat

With a choice of powered or manual swivel seat, turning the Minivator stairlift at the top of the stairs couldn’t be easier.

Hand held remote control

You can send your stairlift to the top or bottom of the stairs, or call it back with the remote control handset. Supplied as standard, your remote controls can be wall mounted or handheld.

Powered footrest

Finished with a durable anti-slip carpet, the footrest folds away easily. Should you wish, you may choose a powered footrest link that will automatically fold your footrest up or down when the seat is folded, removing the need to bend. This feature can be supplied to be operated from either the seat or a switch located under the arm.

The standard footrest is designed to finish level with the landing, making it easier to transfer feet from one surface to another.

Battery backup

Minivator stairlifts also come with a battery backup as standard, meaning you need not to worry about being stranded in the event of a power failure.

Minivator 2000 Stats

Minivator 2000 poking out

Folding hinge option shown…

This is required if the rail will over run a doorway or prevent access

Minivator 2000 tucked away

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By supplying photos of the stairs from the bottom and top, and if it is curved, the bend on the stairs we can access which stairlifts will be best suited to your needs.

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