FreeliftFreelift Rembrandt and VanGogh BrochureNarrow Staircase Stairlifts.

We offer two lifts made by Freelift, which can be fitted onto narrow staircases.

They are the ‘Van Gogh’ and ‘Rembrandt.’ Both of which are curved but made to fit either the inside or outside of your staircase…

The Van Gogh stairlift

…is designed for use on the outside bend of curved staircases. It consists of a single tubular rail, which is less than 8cm in diameter, and provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. The compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users when faced with narrow staircases.

The Rembrandt stairlift

…has the same luxurious and low-noise qualities as the Van Gogh but is specially designed for the inside bend of the stairs. Because the rail runs above the narrow side of the stairs, the broad section of the stairs remains completely free other stair users.

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By supplying photos of the stairs from the bottom and top, and if it is curved, the bend on the stairs we can access which stairlifts will be best suited to your needs.

We need information such as the weight and height of the person who will be the primary user of the stairlift to ensure it meets your requirements.

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